A professional manufacturer of ribbons

                            PRODUCT CENTER

                            Beiheng is a leader in the design and production of creative decorations and luxury packaging materials for corporate customers, focusing on the innovation of woven borders.

                            INDUSTRY APPLICATION

                            Widely used in gift packaging industry, clothing industry, home textile industry and other related fields, suitable for various printing technologies, including flat pressing, rotary, silk screen, hot stamping, barcode printing, etc.

                            In our spring and summer luxury packaging and decoration series will provide you with fresh patterns and the latest designs

                            ABOUT BEIHENG

                            Huzhou Beiheng Textile Co., Ltd. is a professional textile company known for providing all kinds of ribbon from development, production to sale. Huzhou Beiheng Textile is a professional ribbon manufacturer since 1999,known for providing all kinds of customize acceptable ribbon,Label(neck label, main label, care label, size Label),Bows,etc.Our company located in Huzhou City...

                            • 1999

                              Beiheng Textile was established

                            • 53000

                              construction area/㎡

                            • 700


                            • 60000000

                              Monthly production/m

                            • 20

                              Product Categories